Replenishment at Sea Solutions, Solids/Liquids RAS Systems
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For over 50 years, Hepburn has been designing and supplying state-of-the-art mine hoists and replenishment at sea systems to industry and sovereign navies globally. Located in Toronto Canada, Hepburn team is renowned for its dedication to their customers and their systems are unmatched in their safety, quality, and durability.


Replenishment at Sea Solutions

Hepburn Engineering has been providing single purpose solids, liquids and dual solids/liquids RAS systems to navies worldwide. Their underway replenishment systems are designed to operate in accordance with Standard Tensioned Replenishment Alongside Method and are renowned for their safety, performance, reliability, durability and ease of use. With proven performance in all weather conditions and up to sea state 6, Hepburn’s systems are the system of choice for sovereign navies worldwide. Hepburn also provides astern fuelling solutions as well as receiving ship equipment including fixed and sliding padeyes, probe receiver stations, kingposts, and over the bow fuelling equipment.