Electric Motors
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Hoyer Motors are experts in electric motors for the marine industry. Hoyer Motors focus on service, short lead times, flexibility and the right product fit. Hoyer Motors has a 360 focus from world-class OEM’s to leading shipowners and distributors.

Delivery performance above 98% - 65.000 motors in stock

Fast response time

Proven quality and product performance

Technical application insight

Inhouse workshop for customised solutions

Preferred supplier at market leading OEM’s

Approved by all major class societies.

Strong distributor network


IE4 Electric motors

Hoyer IE4 motors are defined by premium energy efficiency. It offers great opportunities for energy savings across markets and applications.

Hoyer IE4 AC electric motors are manufactured according to international standards under IEC 60034-30 and are fulfilling the requirement of the EC Directive 2009/640/EC, (EU) 2019/1781/EC and 2014/4/EU Ecodesign for energy related products. They have a proven high quality, reliability and performance.


IE3 Electric Motors

The Hoyer IE3 motor is a multi-purpose electric motor and is the preferred choice for industrial applications.

Hoyer IE3 electric motors are manufactured according to the efficiency class system specified under IEC 60034-30. They have a proven high quality, reliability and performance.


World Efficiency Motors

Hoyer World Efficiency Motors are designed to meet various efficiency requirements across markets. The range offers great opportunities for global OEM's in pursuit of supply chain optimisations as well as energy savings.

The design is based on Hoyer’s successful IE3 range and has a proven high quality, reliability and performance. Hoyer World Efficiency Motors are designed according IEC standard sizes as standard and are UL/CSA approved.


IE2 Marine Electric Motors

Hoyer IE2 marine motors are used for a wide range of maritime applications. With a proven track record and performance the design is approved and certified by all major class societies.

Hoyer IE2 marine electric motors are manufactured according to international standards under IEC.


Explosion Proof Marine Electric Motors

The range of explosion proof marine motors is designed to meet the challenges of applications operating in hazardous maritime environments.

Hoyer explosion proof motors are designed according to IEC 60079-0, 60079-1, 60079-7 and 60079-31. They are characterised by high material quality, a robust design and bearings greased for life. Motor series 5AT in aluminum and 7AT in cast iron are certified in conformity with last editions of ATEX and IECEx rules and certified by CESI.

All Hoyer explosion proof motors series 5AT and 7AT have the highest explosion group IIC, temperature classes T4 at ambient temperatures from -20 to +60 °C


IE1 Marine Motors

Despite an increasing focus on efficiency in the maritime industry, the Hoyer IE1 marine motors are still widely used for all types of marine applications.


Marine Brake Motors

The Hoyer marine brake motor is designed specifically for demanding marine and offshore applications

Perfectly matched components are the foundation of the modular Hoyer design. By using Hoyer IE2 marine motors as the backbone of the design elements such as quality, documentation and fast deliveries are ensured. Together with the high protection marine brake from Stromag and a Kübler encoder developed for harsh conditions the brake motor is ready to meet the highest expectations.


Medium Voltage Motors

Hoyer Medium Voltage Motors are designed for high performance. They are suitable for most markets and applications where high output motors are needed.

The range of medium voltage motors is used across various markets and industries. The demand for electrical driven heavy duty applications is increasing and medium voltage motors are often ideal when a high output is needed. A higher voltage allows a lower current which enables the use of smaller cables to supply the application. Hereby the use of medium voltage motors can be a cost optimising solution.