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Rivertrace is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality-Assured Company and market leader in Oil in Water Quality Monitoring, with over 35 years’ experience.

Rivertrace has over 30,000 monitors and systems installed worldwide. Rivertrace is established in 1983, employ around 30 people at the headquarters based in Redhill, Surrey UK.

Rivertrace has the solution to your environmental monitoring needs and can tailor make systems to your own individual requirements. Their range of monitoring applications includes MEPC 107(49), MEPC 108 (49), condensate cooling water, produced water and discharge water. 

NEMOMARIN acts as a authorized sales and service agent in Turkey. Nemomarin’s technical service includes commissioning/start-up, inspection, repair and oil content monitor calibration verification.


Smart Bilge 15PPM Oil Content Monitor

By utilising the “Smart Cell” Detector Array Technology, developed by Rivertrace, the OCM analyses all three oil types (HFO, Diesel and Emulsions) simultaneously without the need for re-calibration.

A manual cell cleaning device is included as standard to easily enable routine maintenance. Optical cell fouling is recognised as a leading cause of monitor malfunction or incorrect reading. By simple operation of the manual cleaning device, the “Smart Cell” remains in optimum operating condition.

Replacement calibrated measuring cells can be purchased for easy change over on board the vessel and calibration check kits enable the crew to demonstrate the monitor is within factory calibration to PSC Surveyors. Calibration verification can only be done by authorized Service Agents. 

The Smart Cell Bilge Alarm is readily available as a 5ppm version if required. It can also be tailor made for Hazardous Environments (Zone 1 & 2) as an Exd system with Auto Clean, all enclosed in an explosion proof cabinet.


MEPC 107(49) Bilge Water Discharge

Rig Slop Tank Discharge

Air Cooler Drains Overboard Discharge

Oily Water Separator Discharge


All options can be ordered from new or retrofitted to existing Rivertrace Smart Bilge monitors.


Smart ODME

The Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (Smart ODME) has been designed to provide means of monitoring, recording and controlling the ballast discharge for crude oil, product and chemical tankers including ICE class vessels. This system is modular in construction and does not require the usual pump/motor bulkhead penetration as used on older systems. The Smart ODME includes all components required to meet MEPC 108(49) and the latest MEPC 240(65) for Bio Fuels, effective 1 January 2016.

The Smart ODME incorporates a ‘simulation mode’ to aid system demonstration to PSC surveyors, is designed for ease of retrofitting, operation, installation and maintenance.


Slop Water Discharge

Tank Wash Water Discharge

Clean Ballast Water Discharge


Smart 50M Oil In Water Monitor

A monitor designed to cater for the special conditions associated with high sample temperatures. This unit will detect oil in much smaller quantities with great reliability and repeatability. Increased boiler protection from early detection of oil contamination.

The OCD 50M is Type Approved by DNV-GL for marine use. It is a requirement of DNV-GL flagged vessels that Boiler Condensate must be monitored for Oil Ingress. This is a simple and reliable solution to this requirement.


Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Lube Oil Cooler Monitoring

Boiler Feed Protection

Heat Exchanger Leak Detection

Produced Water Reuse – RO Feed Water, Steam Generator Feed Water

Industrial Wastewater/Groundwater discharge